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  • Our staff underwent hygiene and allergy awareness training, which was efficiently organised with easily accessible course materials and affordable prices. Upon completion, participants received immediate results and certificates, eliminating any waiting time.

    Helen Neville
  • The training I completed played a crucial role in helping me identify my skills and strengths, enabling me to develop nurturing relationships with the children and young individuals I am responsible for.

    Kristian Newell Residential Team Leader
  • I have completed several courses during my induction, all of which are of excellent quality and have a user-friendly interface that is easy to comprehend and navigate.

    Paul Newsome Fostering Team Assistant
  • We found the courses to be very concise and the information was very valuable, which resonated on a personal level with our staff, who can also deal with their own personal Mental Health issues.

    Donna Nicol Fostering Team Manager
  • I found this course to be incredibly enlightening as it provided me with a deep understanding of how to establish and sustain a secure and healthy work environment. I acquired knowledge on identifying hazards and implementing effective preventive measures, which are crucial for ensuring the welfare of individuals in both professional and personal settings. Additionally, the course emphasised the significance of everyone taking responsibility for safety. In conclusion, this course equipped me with the necessary tools and mindset to make well-informed decisions that prioritize safety and health in any given situation.

    Ruairi O'Donnell Foster Carer
  • The training was enlightening and beneficial, equipping me with the necessary tools to identify modern slavery and actively contribute to its prevention.

    Dina O'Neill Family Support Worker
  • I believe it is excellent to have any information that ensures the safety of both myself and my colleagues at the workplace. It was engaging, concise, and easy to understand, making it highly commendable. Big thumbs up from me.

    Paul Oakley Fostering Team Manager
  • The course ensures that you receive abundant training and support, enabling you to feel like an essential member of a professional team. It greatly aids in the development of your skills.

    Lorraine Odell Family Support Worker
  • Throughout the COVID pandemic, amidst my challenges, they went above and beyond to offer invaluable support and assistance, exceeding my expectations. Overall a really helpful resource for my business.

    Christina Park Residential Team Leader
  • The course content was highly informative and presented in a user-friendly manner, catering to various medical scenarios.

    John McCartan Foster Carer
  • The radicalisation online course was great, it refreshed my knowledge on what signs to look for and also how to prevent it.

    Keith McGregor Family Assistant
  • The course material is presented in a straightforward manner, making it easily comprehensible. I suggest keeping up with regular updates to enhance your understanding.

    James Mellish Fostering Team Assistant
  • The entire course proved to be beneficial, and it's difficult to pinpoint a specific aspect that was the most useful. However, the course as a whole has completely transformed my perspective on fostering. I am now filled with increased enthusiasm and anticipation to provide a safe and joyful environment for children in our care, with the hope of positively impacting their lives.

    Charlotte Miller Social Worker
  • Extensive training has been conducted, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject matter. The core training has been particularly beneficial, and the training on attachment and trauma has been really interesting.

    Charles Mills Fostering Team Administartor
  • The course is excellent with valuable content. I can begin right away and see immediate results once I finish, all while being in the comfort of my own living room.

    Jane Mitchell Social Assessor
  • This course is excellent and beneficial, providing valuable information. It is important to cover all aspects so that individuals are aware of how to prevent fires and safely evacuate if necessary.

    Alessandra Morris Residential Team Leader
  • I feel much more assured in my ability to assess, treat, and administer first aid after completing this comprehensive course, which was filled with valuable information.

    Lorna Murray Family Support Worker
  • Enrolling in the course is a simple process, and once enrolled, you can easily complete it. The course offers a comprehensive and easily understandable explanation of risk assessment.

    Nathan Muskett Relationship Worker
  • The food hygiene course I took was excellent. It had a user-friendly format with concise learning pages, important information highlighted, and the option to take notes. Additionally, there were mini quizzes at the end of each section to reinforce the learning and test my knowledge. I have no complaints about it!

    Shaun Naughton Foster Carer

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